Patriot Act renewal fails in Senate

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A victory for freedom: Due largely to the effort of Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), the Senate failed on Friday to pass even a one day extension of the Patriot Act.

The failure was a major defeat for Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky), who had pushed for a full renewal that kept in place all of the government’s spying programs created under the law.

I would not be hopeful, however, that we have seen the end of this unconstitutional law. I fully expect the Senate to agree on Monday to the House bill, which puts restrictions on the spying but still keeps many of the Patriot Act’s intrusive features.

More on this political battle here.



  • Cotour

    If this fails to be fully restored who here thinks that we may have a “convenient incident” within the country that might reignite interest in it being fully enacted?

  • mpthompson

    …who had pushed for a full renewal that kept in place all of the government’s spying programs created under the law.

    Sadly, I expect that there are many more that were not created under the law. We just don’t know about them.

  • It’s axiomatic that any law passed shortly after, and in response to, a crisis is going to be bad law, especially if it’s named after a victim or has a cutesy name.

    Judging by recent posting activity, your arm must be getting better.

  • It is still a struggle to type, but the doctor has given me a much smaller splint than the temporary splint I got in the urgent care office, which makes typing a little easier.

    No long essays however until this splint goes away.

  • Max

    When the patriot act was started, The first people spied on was the heads of industry , corporate officials, political parties and their counterparts. ( republicans and tea party were named terrorists).
    The way to cripple a country is through economics, industrial espionage was the focal point of the warrant less searches. This is why the spy centers are managed by contractors and not Government who are prohibited from looking at them without authorization.
    The joke is that the spy center is powered by Google …

  • PeterF

    Brevity tends to make the point more visible

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