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President Obama today announced a nuclear deal with Iran.

For a good summary of the deal go here. The response from many has generally been very hostile, with both Israel and most other Middle Eastern Arab countries in agreement that they think the deal stinks. Others note that it will likely start an arms race in the Middle East, as the deal really does nothing but slow Iran’s effort to develop the bomb.

Sadly, the Republican leadership in Congress pushed through a law earlier this year that makes it harder for them to block this deal. The Constitution requires two-thirds of the Senate to approve any treaty. This law lowered that standard significantly, allowing the deal to go through if only one-third of Congress approves it.



  • Cotour

    Obama, the Democrats and the Republicans, the gift that keeps on giving both to the American people who they have sworn their fidelity and have been entrusted with their security and freedom and the world in general, well done! (You bunch of leftist, Marxist anti American political tool traitors!)

    Like I said, what a mess.

  • Nick P

    “This law lowered that standard significantly, allowing the deal to go through if only one-third of Congress approves it”

    I think what you mean is if the Senate fails to pass this treaty, the President can veto their “No” vote and without a 2/3s vote to override the Veto, the Treaty will stand.

  • Nick P

    One more comment

    Before you folks criticize this deal do you realize John Kerry is also bringing back a sack of magic beans?

  • Cotour

    If you ever get the chance to play high stakes poker with either of them, play!

    Both of their egos require that they give much more than they get in order to secure their legacy. Two leftists who despise America and all of its warts and both believe that their ideology and morality on balance reconciles all of Americas misdeeds and manipulations of the past. Dangerous fools both and anyone who signs on to anything that they think is an appropriate anything is also a fool.

  • Phill O

    One must conclude that the democrats are the most bigoted people in the USA right now; bigoted against the Jews and whites. The attention given to the black killed by police (some criminals) and no comment on the girl killed by the illegal alien who had a criminal record—–

  • David M. Cook

    The real victims in this sorry affair will be the Persian people, who will be slaughtered in the millions when the filthy mullahs ignite a REAL nuclear war & their cities are reduced to slag. Not to mention the Israelis who will die when the leaders of Iran decide that God wants them to nuke Tel Aviv.

    This will be Obama’s legacy to the future. Thanks, all you crooked, lying democrats!

  • David M. Cook

    Did you hear the audio clip on the Rush Limbaugh show Tuesday?

    It seems Jeh Johnson, the head of Homeland Security, did not even know the name of the woman murdered by the illegal alien!!

    Did I mention he’s the HEAD OF HOMELAND SECURITY!!!!

    What’s the difference between Jeh Johnson and a sack of manure? THE SACK!!!

  • Cotour

    Why would Johnson or Obama know her name? She could not have been Obamas daughter. Her death serves the cause not, she was not black, she was not illegal, so why should he even be aware of her?

  • pzatchok

    The Iranians will find that having a nuclear arsenal is not all its cracked up to be.

    First unless the core is perfect and pure it might not stay explosive for very long. As a core ages and decays it looses the ability to be come super critical and explosive. Their weapons could in just a few years, maybe as short as 25, become useless.
    Ours only last about 100 years then need reprocessing back into explosive material.

    Plus the delivery systems need constant maintenance and upgrading.
    None of the machines used in the manufacturing of the explosive material can ever be used for anything else. Everything that touches the material becomes hazardous waste.

    Owning nuclear weapons is like owning a boat. Its just a hole in the water that you throw money into.

    As soon as you own one and everyone knows it you become a big target.
    Do they really think they have an army capable of stopping anyone but some other third world warlord?

  • Cotour

    25 years? That is well within their freely voiced plan time frame.

    Delivery system? 10 war heads strapped into 10 pick-up trucks and the “cleansing gift” driven 10 different ways to the intended target.

    There is no making lemon aide here IMO, it should not have been allowed by the Congress and the Senate to get to this point under this leftist president. Valarie Jarrett must be very pleased with herself.

  • Edward


    You have assumed that the Iranians want to *have* the arsenal rather than want to *use* the arsenal.

    The Iranian leadership have made clear that they have a primary target to destroy (“Death to Israel”) and a secondary target (“Death to America”).

    Unlike the Soviet Union, which believed in peace through mutually assured destruction (MAD), the Iranians are run by a religion whose followers have demonstrated that they are willing to take suicidal actions in order to destroy an enemy’s people. If the Iranian leaders are also willing to make such a sacrifice, then they may have a policy of war despite mutually assured destruction, and won’t have their arsenal for long.

  • Edward

    Welcome to Obama’s America.

    He surrendered to the Russians.

    He surrendered to ISIS.

    He surrendered to the Taliban.

    He surrendered to Cuba.

    Now he has surrendered to Iran. What about the human rights violations and the support of terrorism that were the main reasons for the sanctions in the first place? Garrett asked about a couple of hostages but missed the big questions.

  • Cotour

    This is the vision of a moral literalist (my term), he is a political tool of his corporate and one world, big picture government masters. America is not to dominate the world with its morality (and immorality). America is in the process of being made not relevant and not dominant to the big picture other than being employed as an enforcer for the agenda when necessary.

    Obama: “Isolating Cuba has not worked!” I say bull shit! Isolating Cuba has worked brilliantly. Obama is creating a moral argument to justify his actions rewarding his communist brothers who have been oppressed by the previous governments of America who would dare to penalize them just for being communist. A moral literalist can justify any point of view that serves their agenda, any point of view.

    That’s one take of what drives Obama anyway,

  • Edward

    On further reflection, we no longer have to ask whose side Obama is on. He has demonstrated which side he always forsakes.

    As for his new strategy to surrender further to ISIS, he says that he intends to win the hearts and minds of ISIS. Among others, this latest incident, in Tennessee, demonstrates that his talking down of America is not intended to win hearts and minds *of* ISIS but *for* ISIS.

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