Practically every Russian Proton rocket engine defective

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The investigation of the Russian supply of rocket engines for its Proton rocket has discovered that practically every engine, numbering over seventy, had defects that needed repair.

71 engines, mostly used to power the second and third stages of the Proton rocket, require complete overhauls to remove defects. Arbuzov did not specify what was wrong with the engines. In January, Interfax reported on an investigation into high-quality metals swapped by a plant manager for cheaper alternatives. “Most of the work will be done in 2017, but we understand that some portion will inevitably slip into 2018,” Arbuzov said. “Our main goal is to avoid disrupting the government space program’s launch schedule, or the schedules of the Defense Ministry and commercial customers.”

There is also the possibility that these defects will be found in Soyuz rocket engines as well. Stay tuned.


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  • Dick Eagleson

    All I can say is that it better be true that God protects, drunks, babies and the United States of America or we’re quite likely to lose some astronauts on a Soyuz in the roughly two years we still must get through with no alternative for crew rotation to ISS. Seems as though every time we think the Russian space program’s fumbles and follies can’t get any worse, the Russians prove us wrong. It’s going to be a nail-biter waiting for Commercial Crew to go operational. I’d rather the only U.S. astronauts buried at Arlington from here on out be ones who died of natural causes.

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