President of Cornell College Republican club attacked

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Fascists: The president of the Cornell College Republican club was called a “racist bitch” and attacked the night after the presidential election.

Her description of the attack is strong evidence that she was attacked merely because she was a Republican and a supporter of Trump. Nor was this attack a one time event.

This incident also does not mark the first time she has been harassed for her Republican identity. “People yell in my face all the time. I get random messages telling me what I should and should not be doing on Facebook, in my email,” Corn told the Voice. “I’ve had a history of people not liking me so much.” She added that after she was quoted in a Cornell Daily Sun article in May saying she would vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, she received death threats.

I would also add that this story is typical today on most college campuses, especially the ivy league ones. The fascists now rule at these universities, will tolerate no opposition or dissent, and often enforce that rule with violence.

For further evidence, see this paper, which documents the dominance of the left within the field of social psychology. Since the 1960s the left has worked tirelessly to blackball conservatives from the field, and has succeeded remarkably, producing today a modern ratio of 14 liberals for every 1 conservative. The result has been a warped research field that can only see one perspective — a liberal one — in every research problem.



  • wayne

    Cornell stuff– very sad.

    Not a “Social-Psychologist,” but I can anecdotally confirm “they are pretty whacky people,” and most of them collect a Government paycheck in some way, shape or form, especially the (alleged) “researcher” types. (They are very good at writing Grant Proposals.)

    Personally, I couldn’t stand working in a Community Mental Health setting. (money was good, and the people were extremely fascinating, but…) When (some of) the captive Psychiatrist’s weren’t over-medicating everyone, paid 100% by Medicaid, (some of the) Social-Workers were constantly preaching their Nanny Statism bent. (also, paid 100% by Medicaid.)

    >Maintaining Case-Loads (numbers) was the priority, and once you get sucked into that System, there is no leaving it, unless you die or hit the lottery.

  • DougSpace

    I suspect a similar situation is present in my field, public health. When I was working on my masters, I faced several situations where my questioning of apparently liberal assumptions wasn’t appreciated at all. I suspect that, in the realm of HIV/AIDS, there have probably been hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths in the US and millions of such deaths internationally due to liberally-influenced public health policies that were actually anti-public health.

  • wayne

    Good stuff!

  • ken anthony

    Mobs beat reason. Playing fair is losing. We’re great at identifying problems then go squishy on solving them.

    We win. They lose. …has to be absolute. Otherwise we will continue to slide into our destruction.

    Unconditional defeat is the endgame. Which are we going to be?

  • wayne

    ken Anthony–
    Excellent stuff!

    Count me in & sign me up.
    > Victory or Death.

  • Kevin R.

    The left has lost its humanity. It’s like they’re descending down to a barbaric animal-like sort of society. There doesn’t seem to be comprehension of civilized norms or much comprehension of civililization itself.

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