Private companies have the right to mine the asteroids, established by precedent.

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Private companies do have the right to mine the asteroids, established by precedent. Hat tip Clark Lindsey.



  • That will no doubt make people rage. I was reading a article in the LA Times so time ago about making profits in space. The comments were amazing how much hate for capitalism and lack of respect for compainies wanting to do the hard work of mining in space. Comment after comment was more conserned about social justice and how every one should get a cut of those space mining rights.

    The current truth is anyone can only anything is space right now. What Government will stop them?

  • wodun

    I’m not sure everyone deserves a cut but it would be great if the economic activity made our national debt disappear.

  • Government can’t do anything about individual or corporate activity in space, but they sure as heck can do something about the ground-based assets. Were I to set up a space-based organization, I’d look for a country that’s not signatory to the Outer Space Treaty, and offer them a piece of the action.

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