“Progressive thinking and the rise of the anti-science left.”

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From a liberal: “Progressive thinking and the rise of the anti-science left.”



  • Jim

    In case you are interested, here is a related story posted by Ronald Bailey on Reason, the libertarian website. It says it is about the Democrat Party and science, but in it he also makes some comparisons to Republicans. He certainly is not a Democrat, and he provides a sober analysis anyway.

  • jwing

    Trust in science but verify.

  • MaDeR

    Somehow, anti-science right is a little more… visible… so to speak. With TEA party and other people that take religion a little too seriously (like creationists) at right, I find extremely hard to believe that “The right is not more anti-science than the left”.
    Left do not depend on anti-vaccine/new age/homeopathy/whatever loons and Democrat policy is influenced very little by far left. Right, in fact, depend on people that are christian version of Taliban and Republican policy is shaped very much by far right.

  • Spoken just like a leftwing Democrat who has never met no less talked with a tea party person or most conservatives. You live in a bubble of leftwing talking points. You should get out more.

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