Rabbis endorse Cruz as polls show him surging

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Even as new polls show Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) moving into the lead in Iowa, a broad coalition of rabbis today endorsed him for president.

As I noted way back in August and September, Cruz has been very carefully developing a long-term and broad strategy for winning the presidency. He also generally has the truth on his side, which in elections can only benefit him. Moreover as I have noted since the summer, when Republican voters finally have to vote they are going to gravitate towards the more serious candidates who have demonstrated their willingness to fight the status quo.

These factors now seem to be all coalescing around Cruz.

Considering he might be the smartest and most thoughtful candidate on the campaign trail, with the best understanding of the Constitution and the principles behind it, I cannot think of a better trend. Cruz might not become the Republican candidate, but he is certain to come out of this campaign in a strong position to dominate politics for years to come.



  • D.K. Williams

    Interesting. Why do the Rabbis like Cruz over some other candidate?

  • Click on the link and read their statement. I think it is very clear. It also indicates that they have paid close attention to Cruz and realize he is the real deal. He says what he means, and what he says is based on thoughtful considerations and a deep knowledge of history.

    And most important, he does what he says.

  • Max

    I like cruise, he seems the most qualified to be president. He understands and fights for the constitution. He remembers everything he hears. He has perfect recall and can process data uniquely.
    The only problem with cruise that I foresee is that he is sleeping with Goldman Sachs. Literally.

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