Reviewing the history of Jupiter exploration

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Link here. This press release from NASA does a nice job of giving a quick and accurate overview of every mission, all but one American-built, that has flown either past Jupiter or in orbit around it.



  • Localfluff

    The Huygens lander is the only non-NASA mission to the outer Solar System. One could count Rosetta which in hibernation went a bit past Jupiter’s orbit (but far from Jupiter at the time) while entering the comet’s orbit, which crosses Jupiter. Soviet never even tried to launch anything to the outer Solar System. If the ExoMars orbiter works it will be the most distant (successful) space mission Russia ever launched.

  • wayne

    har.. you’re thinking the fantasy & phantasy, sub-category of generic “Nasa-nerds.” (We are far from a monolithic bunch!)

    The “it’s good to be working with you again Dave,” excerpt from “2010.”
    (it’s a “dumb” sequel, but it has a few excellent moment’s)

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