Russian sources confirm their plan to flip launches to ISS

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Though not yet officially decided, managers in the Russian space agency are definitely considering switching the launch dates of the next Soyuz and Progress missions to ISS, so that the unmanned cargo flight flies first.

Both spacecraft use the Soyuz rocket, and it now appears that the cause of last week’s Progress failure was a problem in the Soyuz third stage. They want to check out all Soyuz third stages before they put any humans on one. Switching the flights gives them time to do it. It also gets needed cargo to ISS sooner.



  • Steve

    You were right on the money, and that is why I read Behind the Black and also specifically download those episodes of the John Batchelor show that you are on. News coupled with informed opinions that can’t be found anywhere else.

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    While I’m here though….. won’t it be great when we don’t have to depend on another country to get our own people to our own space station?

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