Russia’s Rockot launches ESA Earth resource satellite

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Despite numerous political issues, including opposition from Canadian Inuit officials, Russia’s re-purposed ICBM Rockot today successfully launched a European Earth resource satellite.

The other problems were related to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, since the avionics for the rocket were made by a Ukrainian company.

I must add that this launch puts Russia ahead of SpaceX once again in the race to launch the most in 2017, 16 to 15.


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  • wodun

    Its good to see that Russia appears to have their problems under control and it is really amazing to see SpaceX achieving a high launch rate after their setbacks. That SpaceX is doing this while also developing new engines, rockets, capsules, expanding facilities, and other stuff we don’t know about, it must be causing the rest of the industry a lot of concern but maybe also some motivation.

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