Sarah Brightman pulls out of her flight to ISS later this year

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Citing family issues, Sarah Brightman has suddenly canceled her plans to fly to ISS later this year as a space tourist.

All the press announcements of this decision emphasize that she was doing quite well in the training program, but one wonders. There had been rumors of being replaced in recent weeks, and the “family issues” cited in today’s announcement could be a cover for anything.

Either way, this is unfortunate, because her flight would have been quite entertaining and would have done a great deal to promote the space tourism industry.



  • Al

    So many people have gone into space that we think little of the bravery involved to sit in a capsule while a massive controlled explosion takes place beneath you. Perhaps Miss Brightman just didn’t have the right stuff.

  • Gealon

    Or perhaps she does not see the risk as worth taking considering the now questionable third stage of the Soyuz rocket.

    In either case, we are not her and thus don’t know her motives. If indeed the choice was her’s to back out, then only she knows her reasons for it. Speculating on this point is pointless. If on the other hand she was forced out, we probably won’t hear about it for a while, or at least until there is a timely leak.

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