Satellite images of Iran’s missile program

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Using images produced by the private satellite company Planet, experts have exposed Iran’s secret rocket program.

The images are fascinating and definitive. They even reveal what must be solid rocket motor test stands, with the ground scars left over after tests.

These pictures were the proof outlined in a recent news article that showed the joke that was the Iran nuclear deal.

ICBMs are not defensive weapons. They are by nature offensive weapons, used as a deterrent in some contexts, but the deterrent value lies in their offensive nature. They are designed to strike long distances away from borders and frontiers as a means of extending offensive capabilities. Paired with a nuclear-weapons program, they become an even greater offensive threat, one that would destabilize the entire region.

Defenders of the [nuclear deal] will argue that the deal eliminated the threat of that pairing, but that’s nonsense. Even if Iran abided by the terms of the [deal], it would only have had to wait ten years to produce a nuclear weapon. Having an ICBM platform available for a nuclear warhead to fit it would fit perfectly into a strategy of dominating the region by nuclear blackmail, and would force others in the region to develop or acquire their own systems to counter it.

This is just another reminder that we cut a deal with a terrorist state that didn’t do anything to restrict its terrorist or its ability to develop platforms for later use against us. If anything, the [nuclear deal] provided financial support for these efforts and others in the region, fueling conflict and pushing Iranian hegemony all the way to the Mediterranean, all without getting anything in return other than a piece of paper. We didn’t even get American detainees out of Iran. It’s a complete debacle, only becoming even more apparent with the passage of time.

But the leftist elitists who run our cultural and intellectual communities continue to think Trump is an idiot for pulling out of the deal. I ask, who is the real idiot here?



  • Andrew_W

    What have SRBM and MRBM tests (I see no evidence of ICBM tests) have to do with the Iran nuclear deal? Does the deal ban such tests or deployment of such weapons?

  • wodun

    IIRC, the weapons tests have to do with another agreement and not the Obama/Iran deal.

    In a larger context the weapons do relate to the Obama/Iran deal because it shows how bad the deal was and that Iran is committed nuclear weapons in conjunction with conquest through proxy wars. How can the Obama/Iran deal be effective when Iran is working on nuclear capable missiles, expanding their proxy wars, and is granted nuclear weapon legitimacy by the deal?

    People keep saying the Obama/Iran deal stop them from getting nuclear weapons. It doesn’t. It permits them to continue developing them, but at a reduced rate, while explicitly endorsing Iran getting nukes as the Obama/Iran deal nears its end date.

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