Science vs organic food. Science wins.

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Science vs organic food. Science wins.



  • JGL

    I think this subject is purposely being obfiscated, organics don’t promise greater nutritian, organics promise “cleaner” growing conditions.

    The definition of organic as I understand it is that fruits and vegtables are grown without the use of pesticides and in the case of wine for

    example there are no additional sulphites added for preservation.

    There are specific field requirements related to years free of pesticide use in order to qualify to use the designation, you can’t just slap an

    organic label on something.

    And in the case of meats they are grown without the use of antibiotics.

    So I have to question this whole news cycle related to organics, its probably driven by someone or some oraganization to disrupt the market

    for a specific reason, this smells like manipulation to me.

  • Stephen Albers

    Never believe what you read form either side of the argument if you want the other side of it go here
    Personally I never thought Organic is more nutritious if you have done any study of the soil we grow food in Organic or not the nutrients have been depleted the food is little more than bulk matter devoid of vitamins and minerals that we need to stay healthy all heath issues are a cause of malnutrition. The brain signals the body I am still hungry eat more thus we are fat from eating plastic processed empty food. “Studies” claim vitamins are worthless well I ask which vitamins are they testing if you think that little 1 a day pill your taking is doing anything other profiting the manufacture you are not thinking how can you think clearly when you are being starved. The truth falls somewhere in the middle. I agree with the first post about no pesticides that is why I eat organic when I can get it. Also agree with “this smells of manipulation.” As far as “Science” goes I find it to be subjected to human flaws, preferences, and prejudices like that whole climate gate thingy as an example of manipulation.

  • Stephen Albers


    Busted! Co-author of Stanford study that bashed organics found to have deep ties to Big Tobacco’s anti-science propaganda

    His Link to funding as far back a 1976 for Phillip Morrison.

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