Scott Walker’s epic battle to beat the unions in Wisconsin.

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Scott Walker’s epic battle to beat the unions in Wisconsin.

When they and Democratic legislators failed to prevent passage of Act 10 [the law that defanged the unions], they tried to defeat — with a scurrilous smear campaign that backfired — an elected state Supreme Court justice. They hoped that changing the court’s composition would get Walker’s reforms overturned. When this failed, they tried to capture the state Senate by recalling six Republican senators. When this failed, they tried to recall Walker. On the night that failed — he won with a larger margin than he had received when elected 19 months earlier — he resisted the temptation to proclaim, “This is what democracy looks like!”

Read it. It describes the way our country can defeat the fascists.


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  • Kelly Starks


    Yeah a lot of friends and relatives back home hate the guy since hes shaking things up and dareding to look at defunding pet projects — but may I love the way hes burning through the union controls and balanced the budget (Wi used to have a $1B a year deficit.)

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