Slandering an American icon.

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Slandering an American icon.

It strikes me that, in addition to (if reports are true) grotesque ambition, Ms. Streep reflects a certain warped mindset that is all too prominent in the fashionable circles of our time. I am talking about a predisposition to believe that anything iconically American is corrupt.

The full essay is here.

I should also add that Ms. Streep’s coments also illustrate nicely the typical know-it-all ignorance of modern leftwing elite culture. She knows that Walt Disney was bigoted, without knowing a goddamn thing about him.



  • Cotour

    Fundamental change requires the destruction of what was and replacing it with what “should” be. Walt Disney, from what I remember about the movies and the industry changing, realistic animations he produced, (which I looked forward to every Sunday night after my bath) represented women in a more traditional American stereo typical way. He was a man ahead of his time based in technology but he was also a man of his time culturally.

    Ms. Streep seeks to define him as a purposeful misogynist rather than just a man of his time who grew up with “old fashioned” American type values and those values were reflected in his product. IMO Mr. Streep is attempting to define him as a hard and purposeful misogynist in order to create a break between the soft acceptance of that “old” American stereo type and the “new” intellectualized American woman.

    The “new” intellectualized American woman is in many ways, while lovely and beautiful, becomes miserable and confused because of the pressures of this disconnected way of thinking. This is an attempt to intellectualize the differences between men and women’s DNA, this is the self destructive mantra that the Left has adopted and it serves as a dividing line in a war and not an attempt to better understand the differences biologically and culturally in order to allow women to make their lives their own. To immerse yourself in seeing existence in only intellectual terms and to not recognize your foundation which is your DNA and what it drives you to do is to strive to be constantly stressed and un happy. A dead end in many ways. I can understand her position but I think it better serves humanity and is more productive to step back to SEE a more rounded version of existence in our time.

  • Don

    Never like Streep, always thought she was the most overrated actress of her generation. But she knows how to play the left leaning Hollywood game to keep her high in the opinion of the Hollywood elite/effete.

  • Orion314

    One should *never* meet a person whose work one admires; What they *do* is always so much better than what they *are*!

    Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

  • Ed

    She knows so much that just isn’t so.

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