Some squeals from the right: Don’t cut defense

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Some squeals from the right: Don’t cut defense.

As much as I think it necessary to aggressively fight the wars we are in, I have no doubt that the budget of the Defense Department could be trimmed by significant amounts, without harming our capabilities in the slightest.



  • Kelly Starks

    Have to disagree with you here Bob. I think Defense (though done wastefully in many ways like acquisitions) is one place we’ve really been underfunding. Hence, to few solders deployed for to long, obsolete and deteriorating aircraft, ships, ground craft – etc.

    We could argue about not wasting so much on gov pork and such — but unless your going to completely redo how congress and the US contracts for things (politically – good luck with that) cuts will likely do real harm, and increase the confidence and agressivnes of everyone from Islamofacists – to China.

  • To get a fix on the magnitude of the task facing reforming Defense acquisitions, understand this. The process is governed by thousands upon thousands of pages of laws, each yielding reams upon reams of administrative regulation. In addition, you’ve on the order of a hundred thousand judicially enforceable contracts. Every step of the acquisition exposes itself to litigation.

    We simply don’t know what happens when you start taking a hatchet to this overgrown thicket, and unlike NASA the Department of Defense performs a vital, constitutionally mandated function of government.

  • Kelly Starks

    Just a nit – but we do know what it was like without all these regulations — since we purchased things BEFoRE we wrote them.

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