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SpaceShipTwo flew another glide test today.

Not a powered flight however. See Doug Messier’s comments here about the slow pace of these powered tests, and how it raises questions about the company’s claim that it will be flying commercially next year.

  1. wodun says:

    Shows what can happen when ideology takes precedence over business considerations. Businesses can fail for any number of reasons and having an ideology incompatible with reality is a big one. The only reason this company is still around is deep pockets.

    • What ideology are you talking about?

      XCOR is still around, and they don’t have any deep pockets to draw from.

  2. Kelly Starks says:

    Man, Virgin and Scalled are paying big time for Rutans over estimation of the safety/reliability/scalability of Hybrids.
    ….and the idea they could develop their own engine themselves and didn’t need to work with a engine maker.

  3. Pzatchok says:

    Maybe next he will try to go green and use soybean oil and green tea extract to make orbit.

    400 million dollars should be enough to see if that idea works.

    That is about how much he has spent trying to force this hybrid to work. All so he could be different than everyone else.

    He’s going to end up using a small liquid fuel engine and some disposable J-Tow solid fuel packs.

    More than likely bought off the shelf from someone else.

    • Kelly Starks says:

      I think this was a big reason why Branson informed Scaled they wouldn’t be asked to bid for SS3 (orbital) and why Rutan decided it was time to retire.

      As to rocket engines, Yeah you can buy a lot of off the shelf liquid motors for what they spent on the hybrides, and get a smaller lighter package IN A LOT LESS THEN 10 YEARS!!!

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