SpaceX offers 10% discount for satellites launched on reused 1st stages

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In interview today for Space News, SpaceX’s president Gwynne Shotwell revealed that the company is only offering a 10% launch discount for any satellite launch that uses a reused Falcon 9 first stage, not the 30% price break she had indicated in March.

Though the interview also touched upon SpaceX’s September 1 launchpad investigation, it did not include anything significantly new. Shotwell readily admitted that the company did consider sabotage as a possible cause, but always considered it unlikely and right now has pretty much dismissed it. She also remains confident that the company will resume launches this year.



  • wodun

    They have to make some money to fund everything. Maybe larger price cuts will come later as their technology matures. The previous 30% and the new 10% reduction lets us know that they are shaving off costs.

  • Alex

    10% is not enough to take the risk of a used stage, It looks to me that we might are able to observe that cost reduction by Faclon 9’s reuse are so significant as hopped, or I am misguided by the article?

  • Localfluff

    Is a used stage really more risky? I’m not sure about that. But the main point is of course cost savings. If they aren’t bigger than 10%, that’s a disappointment. Even 30% is less than a revolution. But price is not cost. They don’t need to give the value added to the customers until they have more competition, or outlook for greater demand from a low-price market and the capacity to mass produce launches.

  • broyale

    I thought I would add to this that the price reduction is most likely dictated by demand for used stages. If they reduce their prices by 30% then all their customers may want to fly on used stages. A 10% reduction may be sufficient for some customers and could be better for SpaceX’s margins after the pad explosion.

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