SpaceX pushes back first manned Dragon flight

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The first flight of a manned Dragon capsule has been delayed about six months to May 2018.

SpaceX is now targeting a test flight taking two astronauts to the ISS in May of 2018 — about six months later than previously planned, but three months before Boeing aims to fly a similar test in its CST-100 Starliner capsule. The test flight with a crew will be preceded by an orbital flight without one that SpaceX now hopes to fly next November, again a six-month slip. Boeing plans its uncrewed test flight in June 2018

This delay had been expected. The key is to get both of these capsules operational before 2019, when our contract with the Russians to use their Soyuz capsule will expire completely.


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  • Edward

    From the article: “The first commercial crew to visit the space station will capture an American flag left behind by the last shuttle crew in July 2011.

    Looks like NASA has created a competition with a prestigious trophy as the reward. The winner gets to proudly display this in their front lobby.

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