SpaceX signs lease for Florida warehouse to refurbish 1st stages

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The competition heats up: SpaceX has signed a five year lease for a Florida warehouse near Port Canaveral store and refurbish its recovered Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy first stages.

This lease just firms up the reality that SpaceX is shifting from expendable first stages to a fleet of reusable first stage. Any rocket company that does not do the same is going to be left in the dust.


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  • John E Bowen

    It would be interesting to look at comparable insurance rates five years from now. These rates, of course, depend on the reliability of the launch system. More launches gives providers more data, for maintenance schedules, refurbishing costs and the decision of when it’s better to just retire the stage.

    What we all hope is, although rocket engineering is hard, it is not really that different from jet engine engineering, and that it will be possible to reuse stages an appropriate number of times, saving a ton of money. Seems to me the industry is being strongly driven in that direction, however long it will take.

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