SpaceX’s first recovered first stage placed on display

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The competion on display: SpaceX has installed its first recovered first stage on permanent display outside the company’s offices in California.

The link includes a lot of pictures showing the installation process, where they used a crane to place the stage upright.



  • I experience cognitive dissonance when I see ‘SpaceX’ and ‘California’ in the same sentence.

  • ken anthony

    Watch out for the aluminum scrappers… they’ll take pieces of anything not under constant guard.

  • geoffc

    @Ken Anthony: People have found the last Falcon 1, sitting in a junk yard, near SpaceX HQ via GMaps satellite data. So that one has lasted pretty well. Cannot leave the real engines out, since ITAR issues will mean people in jail.

    Have to imagine, due just to ITAR, they have reasonably good security at the plant. Gotta imagine someone driving up with a crane to steal the stage should be pretty noticable.

    Maybe the plot of Oceans 8 (the all women reboot, since Ghostbusters did so amazingly well) can be to steal the Falcon 9?

  • ken anthony

    geoffc, The danger isn’t someone with a crane. The danger is a criminal with a cutting tool. Construction sites, with workers every day, have found aluminum and copper missing from the day before. Even tractor trailers parked overnight have had sections cut out of them. I’m not saying it will happen, but I know criminals (Phoenix is full of them.)

    You and I look around and see landscape. Criminals see dollars.

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