Speak free or die

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The rage builds:

Oh, you came so close. For so long, we wrongly imagined that your lies about racism, sexism, Islamophobia, and all the rest were just part of some big misunderstanding. Sure, we knew you were wrong, that we were being falsely accused, but we thought you were at least sincere, if misguided. Except now the mask is off.

Racism? You don’t care. Ask Clarence Thomas about your love of minorities who don’t toe your line.

Sexism? You don’t care. Ask any of Bill Clinton’s victims, who you eagerly sacrificed to save your progressive knight.

Homophobia? Poverty? Corporate abuses? Civil rights? You care nothing about any of them. You leftists just want control. You trash gays who get between you and power, and ignore the gays being murdered in the Middle East because that oppression isn’t useful to you. You keep the poor poor and addicted to your paltry handouts so you can maintain a docile voting bloc. Corporate abuses are terrible right up until the big companies start paying off your candidates. And civil rights? Gimme a break. The First Amendment stopped being useful back in January 2009, so now you’re eager to drown it like Mary Jo Kopechne.

We’re done. You fascists, whether Islamo- or liberal, want to shut us up? Then you better be ready to rumble, because submission isn’t one of the options. We will speak free or die.

Read it all. It illustrates how alike the Islamic fanatics and the liberal fascists have become. There really is no difference, and if freedom-loving Americans bow to either or both they will then turn on themselves in a new war of hate.



  • Been saying that for years on my blog. I just wish more people would wake up. But Romney was right: half the country lives in gilded cage, and likes it.

  • ken anthony

    I stand behind Pam Geller. If she asks, I’ll stand in front of her.

    It’s time to call out all lying weasels… left or right.

  • Concur. There seems to be a slow, painfully slow, awakening that the Left doesn’t give a second-hand damn about their causes; they just want control. Unless the scales-from-the-eyes process accelerates rapidly, it’s not going to be enough.

    I’ll stand in front of those calling Islam out, but with my sidearm.

  • Cotour

    Unrelated but related:

    Webster Tarply in 2008 on where the agenda that controls Obama comes from?


    Power at any cost.

  • Cotour

    What the hell is so secret about this trade deal? And what are our politicians again saying that something must be passed in secret for? And why would the people want to empower any president further than what they are now, especially this president?


    So much for the “most transparent administration ever”. All of these “you must pass the bill before you can know what is in it” type laws are what they are, the selling out of the American people IMO, until I know differently.

    I suspect that because we are reacting to markets and geopolitical events instead of acting because of having a solid Conservative / Constitutional American economy agenda and philosophy all of these things must be “secret” because they are fundamentally flawed related to those issues.

    Lies, lies and more lies?

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