Sunset on Mars

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sunset on Mars

Cool image time! The image above is not a sunset over the Blue Ridge Mountains of Tennessee. It is a beautiful blue sunset on Mars, taken by Curiosity from Gale Crater.

The image is the first sunset imaged by Curiosity in color, and is calibrated to match what the human eye would see.

Meanwhile, the rover’s journey continues, with a slight detour to check out an interesting hillside.



  • Gealon

    Not to wander to blatantly off topic, this image reminds me a lot of the vistas both Spirit and Opportunity photographed nearly ten years ago. Followed those rovers on and off for their whole careers, Spirit’s all too short jaunt and Opportunity’s ongoing voyage od discovery. I wonder if there has there been any new news on Opportunity’s continued operation.

  • Interesting how the different atmospheric compositions on Earth and Mars produce opposite effects: blue sky, red sunsets on Earth, and red sky, blue sunsets on Mars.

  • Gealon

    Thank you for the link Robert. I actually should have said “Funding” rather then “Operation” in my question. Commented rather energetically a while back when you first announced the cancelation of Opportunity’s funding and I was wondering if there was word on that.

    Thanks for the personal reply though.

  • As to funding, the issue is still being negotiated between Congress and the White House. I suspect that when all is said and done, Opportunity will continue to be funded.

  • joe

    Otherworldly surreal!

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