“The biggest failure of Obamacare: Increasing the number of uninsured.”

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“The biggest failure of Obamacare: Increasing the number of uninsured.

The author outlines in great detail the numerous failures of the law before noting how it will only increase the numbers who don’t have insurance rather than decrease those numbers as touted by Democrats. And it will do so just before the 2014 elections.

He obviously must be a racist!

And in related news, another expert estimates that only 129 million people will lose their health insurance plans because of Obamacare.



  • Cotour

    And who will be sent in for clean up?

    Who is the power hitter, the power thinker that will lead us out of this quagmire?


    Maybe, maybe not, or is it her off spring?

    “She’s making all the right moves.

    With the stealth of an environmentally responsible electric engine, this brainy, transplanted New Yorker is working overtime to make herself liked by the American people, while perfecting her hair, makeup and wardrobe.

    But is the nation ready for another politician named Clinton — a poised woman with White House experience, a punishing vegan diet, and a marriage that’s attracted its fair share of gossip?

    Clearly, I’m not talking about Hillary. It’s Chelsea time.”

    Keep your sense of humor about this one, someone who has literally done and accomplished nothing in her life.

  • wodun

    I am not so sure about the assessment. It takes effort to get out of paying the penalty and it requires the cooperation of your employer. The penalty also goes up after the first year.

    The people who wont get insurance will be those on the margin between too rich to qualify for a subsidy and too poor to pay for insurance. How many people this will be is up in the air.

    We will see major changes in society as health care and insurance costs continue to rise. Health insurance will be one of if not the biggest expense for people on par with rent and mortgage payments. Because of the high cost, Obamacare wont just effect the health care industry but many other industries like housing, tourism, and education.

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