The entire NRA has converted to Islam to stymie the Obama administration’s effort to take their guns.

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  • News flash! The entire NRA has converted to Islam to stymie the Obama administration’s effort to take their guns!

    “This administration loves providing guns —big guns, and thousands of them— to Muslim fighters in Libya, Egypt, now Syria,” said [NRA CEO Wayne] LaPierre, bedecked in Wahhabi-style Muslim garb, at a press conference Wednesday. “Many of these rebel groups consist of radical jihadists who hate America just as much as the governments we’re helping them topple. If Obama is so pro-gun when it comes to radical Muslims, then damn it, we at the NRA are now radical Muslims, too!”

    The response from the White House press secretary was not surprising.

    “Admittedly, we’re perplexed at the (NRA’s) announcement of its conversion to Islam,” said a stunned-looking Carney. “And if more legal gun owners follow the NRA’s lead and convert to Islam, it will make it even harder for the administration to push for tighter gun laws, since we all know it’s middle-aged, rural, Christian white men with families who legally own guns who are the greatest threat in America today. Now we’ve lost much of that dangerous demographic to target. It’s a strategically cowardly move.”



    • Pzatchok

      I just got the letter from the NRA announcing my conversion. It came with a Cliff notes version of the Koran.

    • Dale Martin

      Yep, got me a Rosetta Stone Arabic quickie course!!! Boy! that is a difficult language to read…a lot harder than Russkii!!

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