The Falcon has landed

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SpaceX has produced a short video that recaps its last launch and the successful landing of its first stage. I have embedded it below, because it is worth seeing again as the company is preparing to do it again this weekend. It is also worth watching again to see the joyous celebration of everyone watching at the moment, all of whom know deep down that they have just witnessed a significant event in the history of the human race.



  • Cotour

    Capitalism, incentive and the freedom to employ both in a market operating within the nurturing bosom of the Constitution, there is nothing more powerful on the planet!

    Yes Mr. president, they did do that!

  • pzatchok

    I have never noticed or just missed it but when the Falcon Heavy finally flies will all three of its first stages all try to make separate soft landings like the original Falcon9?

    Or will it be just one landing.

    I’m sure the goal is reuse but I have just not noticed anything mentioned about it.

  • Edward


    My understanding is that they will separate and land independently, as the two side rockets are supposed to separate before the center rocket reaches engine cutoff.

    “The reusable launch system technology … is particularly well suited to the Falcon Heavy where the two outer cores separate from the rocket much earlier in the flight profile, and are therefore both moving at a slower velocity at the initial separation event.”

  • pzatchok

    Once they work that out they stand a chance of being able toi make several different combinations out of the Falcon system.
    The single Falcon9
    The triple Falcon Heavy.
    4 around a disposable central core. Falcon Heavy+
    Add 2 more to the standard Falcon Heavy to make a Super Heavy.
    Or strap two Falcon Heavy’s together to make a Falcon Super+.

    All with reusable first stages and possibly reusable second stages by then.

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