The federal government spent $1.4 billion on the Obama family last year.

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It’s good work if you can get it: The federal government spent $1.4 billion on the Obama family last year.

This included entertainment, housing, travel, and staff. It was also more than 24 times what the British spend on their royal family.

In related news, Agriculture Department employees spent more time visiting foreign countries then they did the farmlands of the U.S.



  • JGL

    If these estimates are true, and I don’t doubt that they are its just a demonstration in the presidents commitment to wealth redistribution.

    Looking back Mr. Obama has been truthfull about one key item that he has plainly stated, FUNDIMENTAL CHANGE.

    Because that was a new concept on the political conceptual frontier people did not really know what he ment.

    Now they know.

    The American people have a clear choice to make on November 6th, we choose to move toward the Hollywood facade, socialist model or we

    choose to move back to the concepts of the Constitution.

    And this goes beyond the two party’s, they are both corrupt and pervert the Consitution (that is the nature of all men), this goes directly to the

    people and what they understand to be what adults faced with fundimental issues of existence MUST do.

  • Good grief! So this is what Oblamema meant by income redistribution.

  • Patrick

    The President didn’t even go on half of those trips.

    It was all Michelle and the kids.

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