The intolerant religion of peace

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No matter how peaceful and friendly and tolerant the majority of Muslims might be, their religion continues to attract and generate the most intolerance and hate and violence worldwide. Below are just a few stories in the past 24 hours that illustrate the increasingly vicious nature of Islam:

This is only three stories. If I wanted, I could have listed dozens, from all over the world, all giving examples of Islamic hate for and violence against anyone that is not a practitioner of that religion.

In the first story, the UNESCO declaration that these Jerusalem sites are exclusively Muslim didn’t only rub out thousands of years of Jewish history, it also wiped out thousands of years of Christian history as well. As has been historically typical of Islam, it cannot tolerate other religions. When Islam conquered Israel it did not respect the site of the Jewish Second Temple, it instead immediately built its own temple on top of it, claimed ownership, and has since worked to exclude Jews and Christians from the site. Now Muslim countries are trying to use the UN to strengthen their claim and to justify their effort to remove all Jews from the Middle East, an effort that is well illustrated by the .third story.



  • wayne

    Not to get all tangential, but this is enlightening;
    (I’ve been trying to get some historical-perspective, context, & a better grip on our relationship with the Middle East.)

    Victor Davis Hanson
    Book TV event from 9-15-2001
    “Carnage and Culture”

    The book topic is very relevant, although 15 years old. (some thing never change, especially Classical History.)
    The Q&A session is highly informative given it’s 4 days after 9/11 & gives a glimpse of how VDH foresees any impending attack on Iraq or Afghanistan.
    (He’s totally correct in a number of area’s, others.. not-so-much.)

  • PeterF

    The fact that Islam cannot tolerate dissent from within or competition from without proves just how weak it is. The contrast between Islam where apostasy is punishable by death and Catholicism where apostates are kicked out through excommunication.

  • Cotour

    Sounds like things are right on schedule, and this article is from 2006.

    “While Soros molds Popper’s concepts to his thinking, he notably refrains from directing any revisionism toward Muslim countries or organizations.

    His open society comes off as a bastardization of socialism and libertarianism. This mixed brew includes more taxes (but not on the Soros fortune), increased government spending, open borders, immigration entitlements for legal and illegal aliens, devaluing citizenship but promoting feminism, free abortions, affirmative action, and sex and gender rights. Incongruously he would lessen government intrusion while eliminating “excessive individualism.” Essential to an open society is destruction of the nation-state authority, family structure, and religious beliefs, thus rendering national culture, heritage, and ethos meaningless.”

    George Soros and Hillary Clinton are two peas in a pod on these issues. Hillary Clinton must never become the president of the United States. Even if you have to vote for Trump to make that not happen.

  • Insomnius

    Never has the old tradition of the “lesser of two evils” been most obvious!

    Let’s all lighten up a bit. “Four Lions” is the BEST Islamic comedy I have ever seen, and it was made in Britain. I can’t imagine any American film company deciding to create or produce anything like it.
    Four Lions – Bomb The Mosque

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