The IRS versus the Constitution

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Working for fascists: The IRS did not just harass conservatives, it also targeted groups whose only focus was to teach the Constitution.

It is now well known that the IRS targeted tea party organizations. What is less well known, but perhaps even more scandalous, is that the IRS also targeted those who would educate their fellow citizens about the United States Constitution.

According to the inspector general’s report (pp. 30 & 38), this particular IRS targeting commenced on Jan. 25, 2012 — the beginning of the election year for President Obama’s second campaign. On that date: “the BOLO [‘be on the lookout’] criteria were again updated.” The revised criteria included “political action type organizations involved in … educating on the Constitution and Bill of Rights.” [emphasis mine]

Note that the targeting was aimed at educational groups, not political groups, which were simply working to teach Americans about the founding documents of our country. That the Obama IRS could somehow consider this activity political or partisan and subject to increased investigation is quite disturbing. Since when is teaching about the Constitution a Democratic or Republican issue? Or has it become one, with the Democrats now hostile to the principles of freedom for which these documents were written to defend?



  • Cotour

    The one created the other understanding that there would be a an ongoing eternal struggle between the two. Expect nothing less.

  • David M. Cook

    Criminals! These people at the IRS are nothing but criminals! When is anyone going to jail? We should be asking our representatives this question at every opportunity. Unfortunately, both of Oregon’s senators are democrats, so they condone this behavior. When are the MORONS at the Republican Party going to say something on this issue? Probably never.

  • Max

    Their silence speaks loud and clear of their intentions. Not only do the Republicans condone the behavior of the president and the Democrats, they are complicit by their non-action to do anything about it. There is more proof than ever that we only have one party in this country. (republicrats or the progressive party) They work together Like the left wing and right wing of the same hungry buzzard that means to pick us clean.

    The president asked all nations to stop their citizens from joining terrorist groups and preventing them from crossing borders. I’ll bet the tea party members are the top for the do not fly list…

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