The myth of Netanyahu’s racism

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A close analysis of last week’s elections in Israel finds that the place where Netanyahu got the most votes was an Arab village.

The residents were uninterested in any of the accusations of racism being aimed at Netanyahu by the media. Instead they were interested in housing. As one resident put it, “I used to sleep in a cave with my goats. Now I ask my daughter what wallpaper she wants in her room.”

The article provides a very detailed and educational breakdown of the Arab vote, which is far more complicated than portrayed by the leftwing media. For example, in other areas the Arabs voted not for Netanyahu but for another right-wing party in his coalition. If the right was so bigoted, as the left likes to claim, why did this happen?



  • Cotour

    Will all of their lives be in danger for voting their self interests instead of their religion from the extreme Islamic’s if and when the liberals in Israel are successful?

  • Tom Billings

    *Anyone* who votes in democratic elections is doomed once ISIS takes over. In addition, Khomeinist nukes have no ability to discriminate between Jew and Arab, which bothers Persians in Tehran less than it would Jordanians.

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