The next to go — astronauts!

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White House initiates a study on whether astronaut corps should be trimmed.

This story is more evidence that I was right when I said Obama was lying when he claimed he loved manned spaceflight. If he was serious about sending humans to asteroids and beyond, he wouldn’t be so eager to find ways to shrink the astronaut corp.

Update: I should emphasize that I am not criticizing the idea of trimming the astronaut corp. I just want it clear that Barack Obama is clearly not a supporter of manned space, and that I believe his proposals (the commercial space subsidies) are merely window-dressing to placate his opponents while he dismantles the program.


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  • Whatever dude. I love human spaceflight but sensible understanding of NASA’s human spaceflight program tells me that they really have no need for such a large corps. For the ISS they need 6 astronauts per year, and that’s the high water mark. When you add in astronauts from partner countries, it’s even less.

    As a result, astronauts regularly float around doing jobs that have nothing to do with being an astronaut.

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