The Obama administration budget proposal for NASA includes shutting down Opportunity in 2015.

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Penny wise pound foolish: The Obama administration budget proposal for NASA included shutting down Opportunity in 2015.

This is very stupid. It costs about a billion dollars to build a rover and get it to Mars. And that’s assuming everything works. Opportunity is already there and functioning flawlessly at a fraction of that cost. Rather than cutting Opportunity, NASA should consider cutting the new rover mission so that the money could be used for other planetary exploration, such as a mission to Titan.



  • wodun

    IMO, what is happening here is some budget gimmickry. Obama as no intention of actually getting rid of Opportunity. Saying it will be shut down, at this particular point in time, allows them to offset an equal amount of increased spending. When 2015 rolls around, the funds to keep it running will be found.

  • Kelly Starks

    Hope your right, but Obama and general has gotten massive cuts to the manned space parts of the budget – unmanned seems next in line.

  • S Cooper

    Continuing an existing rover is not nearly the photo op as sending a new one.

  • Doug Jones

    There are lies, damned lies, statistics… and then there are the foul emissions of politicians:

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