The Obama administration has been caught tracking the emails of a group of scientists critical of certain FDA actions.

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George Orwell would be proud! The Obama administration has been caught reading the emails and personal files of a group of scientists who were critics of the FDA.

The agency, using so-called spy software designed to help employers monitor workers, captured screen images from the government laptops of the five scientists as they were being used at work or at home. The software tracked their keystrokes, intercepted their personal e-mails, copied the documents on their personal thumb drives and even followed their messages line by line as they were being drafted, the documents show.

One comment

  • Patrick

    The ever creeping advancement towards fascism. And they can’t even see what they are doing.
    Like the citizens of Germany after WWII, they will eventually have to be physically shown exactly what they are letting happen.

    That time will come. But exactly how bad will it get before then?

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