The Obama administration is now considering delaying the Obamacare mandate.

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The Obama administration is now considering delaying the Obamacare mandate.

Wasn’t that the evil Republican proposal only a few weeks ago that was so evil the Obama administration shut the government down rather than agree to it?



  • wodun

    Republicans should say either repeal it or implement it to the letter of the law. No delays. The time for that was the first time it was offered.

  • John M. Egan

    I concur,

  • Pzatchok

    No matter what, all the Republicans have to do is keep saying “I told you so” and they win the argument. Any argument about this.

    The administration is acting like all they have to do is flip a switch and the whole of the wed site will be up and running just fine.
    The reality is that it took 4 years to get this far. 4 years of planning and coding. Its beyond anything simple.

    They are calling in any pro they can to see if they can fix it and I bet each one is telling them No. No way without a total rewrite.And that will take at least 6 months by my best guess.

    It was a crappy law with WAY to many little tentacles of laws and new rules reaching out in a spiderweb of directions. How could they have ever written a website when every week the rules and laws changed?
    They didn’t even know what the final insurance prices would be and quite frankly I bet they change every few months from here on out.

    They were trying to make a tailored to fit industry an off the shelf, one size fits all, fast food style service.
    And like academics everywhere they have no idea exactly how the real world works for the vast majority of the people. But they definitely think they know how to run everyone’s life.

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