Behind The Black Postings By Robert Zimmerman

The Obama administration now harasses the military chaplain who sued them because of their actions during the government shutdown.

Father Ray Leonard, the Catholic Navy Chaplain who sued the Department of Defense and the Navy after he was barred from celebrating Mass at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Georgia during the recent the Government shutdown, is now the target of Government retaliation even though the Department of Justice indicated the day after the lawsuit was filed that he could resume his duties as a Navy Chaplain.

The retaliation involves repeated Government assertions that the employment contract under which Father Leonard was working is no longer “valid”, demands that he must sign a new contract containing several pages of onerous new terms if he wants to be paid and refusals to pay for services he had already performed.

I probably have posted an example of this kind of harassment by the Obama administration against innocent citizens about once per day for the past year. And as I said earlier today, the abuse of power by this Democratic administration makes Chris Christie look like a amateur.

  1. Kelly Starks says:

    Well Obama did say he’ld change the nature of the federal gov — pity most didn’t realize he ment to make it more like the feudal politics of the Chicago Junta.

  2. Edward says:

    Welcome to Obama’s America, Father Leonard.

  3. John M. Egan says:

    This is what our Community Organizer-in-Charge meant by hope & CHANGE.

  4. Don says:

    Because the media-industrial-complex is part of the Obama administration he gets away with this garbage.

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