The Obama administration yesterday proposed outlawing political speech by any non-profits.

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Working for the Democratic Party: The Obama administration yesterday proposed outlawing political speech by any non-profits.

The IRS would enforce these new rules, which would make official the harassment of conservatives that the IRS did during the run-up to the 2012 election. Though they claim these rules would apply to all political groups, you and I know that they will likely use these rules selectively to squelch the speech of the administration’s opponents.

If you have any doubt, consider the selective manner in which the National Park Service enforces its laws. The leftist Occupy movement was allowed to do whatever it liked during its protests, despite being in clear violation of the law, but veterans were blocked from visiting open-air national monuments during the government shutdown in October.

This decision by the Obama administration also reveals Obama’s total support for that IRS harassment of conservatives. He liked it, and now wants to make it official. Moreover, the failure of his so-called investigation into the IRS scandal to contact any of the groups harassed, even after six months, tells us again that President Obama actually supported the harassment and is acting to stonewall the investigation.



  • Scott

    When and if an IRS decision was disputed, the case would likely be decided by a judge who’s appointment had been rammed through Senate hearings thanks to Harry Reid’s recent nuclear detonation. It’s all lining up nicely – isn’t it Barry?

  • Just say no.

    What, really, are they going to do? I think that a lot of ‘law enforcement’ is more perception than reality. One may argue that this line of thinking leads to a breakdown in civilization, but I think that we’re rapidly approaching the point where some things need to be broken down.

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