The presidential campaign primary schedule

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The schedule is packed in March, which means we could call this the political verson of March Madness.



  • Cotour

    Imagine a journalist in 2016 asking this question to presidential candidate Jeb Bush:

    Mr. Bush, 30 or so years ago your father G. Bush sr. was the first president to mention his agenda in a speech of a “New World Order”, this agenda was then pushed by B. Clinton, the president who brought us the end to Glass Steigle and the re-invigoration of the Community reinvestment act which brought the United States to the brink of financial collapse and then we had your brother by G. Bush jr., who brought us 911 and the Patriot Act and further financial misdeeds, followed by Barack Obama who seems determined to punish America by spending and additional 8 TRILLION DOLLARS and administering executive orders to force the acceptance of millions of illegal immigrants into the population and various other anti Constitutional acts.

    Q: What makes you think that we the American people want another helping of the exact same thing that has delivered us all to this point in time where we find ourselves, at the edge of this what appears to be an engineered financial collapse, the destruction of our Constitution and the surrendering of our country’s sovereignty by the current president and the Congress ?

    Do you assume that we all are collectively insane?

    If Jeb Bush winds up being the republican candidate for president we can all agree that America is over and the Globalists / New World Order has won and we are all just here to collectively serve them.

  • Cotour

    The existing soft fascism that the left promotes as being “fair” and “just”.

    Your new American reality:

    “Increasingly the call is not so much for a benevolent and charismatic dictator, but for an impaneled committee of experts to rule over our lives. Former Obama budget adviser Peter Orszag and Thomas Friedman argue openly that power should shift from naturally contentious elected bodies—subject to pressure from the lower orders—to credentialed “experts” operating in Washington, Brussels, or the United Nations.”

    G. Bush Sr. sleeps well tonight, his agenda is well under way.

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