the real hijackers of Islam

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More on the tolerance of Islam and that assassination of a Pakistani governor because he opposed Islamic blasphemy laws. Key quote:

Specifically, [Governor] Taseer was supportive of a Christian woman, Asia Bibi, who has been sentenced to death for “insulting Muhammad.” Bibi had offered some fellow farm laborers some water. They refused to drink it because Christian hands purportedly make water unclean. An argument followed. She defended her faith, which they took as synonymous with attacking theirs. Later, she says, a mob of her accusers raped her.

Naturally, a Pakistani judge sentenced her to hang for blasphemy.

And Governor Taseer, who bravely visited her and sympathized with her plight, had 40 bullets pumped into him by one of his own bodyguards.

As one commenter to my previous post on this story noted, “If they praise murder, what’s next? What kind of religion is this?”


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  • taka

    Again, you seem to lump all Muslims together as supporting this sort of evil behavior. What about the Egyptian Muslims who acted as human shields for Coptic Christians (which credit due, you linked to)?

    Clearly your own linked articles show that we cannot and should not prejudge all Muslims as extremist fanatics. As such we should not do the same for other religions (or atheists).

    Too often, people and the media confuse the practices of a particular nation culture with that of the majority religion. The behavior of extremists in Pakistan and other parts of the world is un-Islamic (though those extemists would disagree). There are many ignorant people, both religious and non-religious, about different cultures and religions around the world, or even the teachings of their own religion.

    Feeding this ignorance only fans the flames.

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