The Republican leadership folds.

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The Republican leadership folds on the government shutdown. Key quote:

In exchange for meeting, at least momentarily, all of Obama’s demands, the House GOP is seeking a “framework” for future negotiations.

They get a repeal of an Obamacare tax on medical equipment, but lose everything else, plus give up some of the sequester cuts that have actually produced the first real reduction in the size of government in decades.

And the Republican leadership wonders why they keep losing elections? With incompetent friends like this, who needs enemies.



  • joe

    The Republicans are democrat light, the establishment or progressive side of the republican party won this skirmish to the delight of the progressive democrats, and the diminishment of conservative values, they keep saying that Obama care is the law of the land and they have no intention of doing anything with this unjust legislation. This law is not about health care, but to control the population at large, if anything it will reduce the quality of health care, this law is also a big tax bill that will bring in trillions of dollars initially until the economy collapses under the weight of this disaster in waiting and will cause world wide calamity in my opinion.

  • John M. Egan

    I concur, Joe.

  • wade

    and Each of these so called Proposals furthers us, the American People, as victims .

  • Publius 2

    I think it is time for some open rebellion. Is there at least one governor who has the courage and fortitude to say “enough” to the federal government’s encroachment. No, it would not be easy, and the Obama media would attack relentlessly, but where is that person among the 50? Is there not one? “Where there are no men, be thou a man.” (Saul Alinsky’s favorite quote, from Rabbi Hillel)

  • Lois Johnson

    Yes there is. I guess you have to change that to “Where there are no men, be thou a woman.” And I mean a conservative woman.

  • Joe

    We need more of that, nice find Lois!

  • Cotour

    ALL of the old guard, entrenched and comfortable Republicans must be removed or “retired” in the next election. Period! They have forgotten the content of the document that allows them to be empowered.

    IMO Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee are the new leaders of the new Republican, I leave out Marko Rubio because he fooled himself that he could hang with the Dems on immigration and remain credible. He must be punished by being removed from office.

    I would also like to see Alan West become more involved.

  • Lois Johnson

    and Ben Carsen

  • Cotour


    When we think about it there are plenty of people who are very qualified to do the job that must be done. And have no doubt, it must be done.

  • Cotour

    And I am going to have to add Paul Ryan to the list of representatives that have to go. He, like Rubio has lost his proper focus. I suppose him being chosen by McCain tells that story. They both need to go fishing, I don’t trust either of them.

    The Constitution is the test, who ever does not have it as their guiding light must go. Ted Cruz is the only one who talks the Constitutional talk, many of the rest are trying to wheel and deal with the peoples freedoms. That is some BS that must be ended.

  • Edward

    Alan West is currently involved with “PJ Media” convincing America’s youth to get involved.

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