The rules to buy and sell guns

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Want to know what the rules are for buying or selling guns in your state? Then go to this website to find out.

Very useful and easy to use. The site also illustrates that most of the fear-mongering about “loopholes” coming from Obama and the Democrats is simply wrong, or a lie.



  • pzatchok

    Actually Obamas proposals made it a bit easier to get an NFA item.

    As it stands now if I want a full auto weapon, destructive device or a silencer I would have to get my local sheriffs approval and many just don’t sign until either the last day for approval or a lawyer sends them nice letter.
    Along with the federal background check and ATF approval.

    Obama as far as I can figure out has removed the local law enforcement’s approval.
    But nothing is for sure until its tested in court or printed on paper.

  • PeterF

    When they say “loophole”, think “straw man”

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