The state of the Republican presidential campaign

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This political report on the annual Southern Republican Leadership Conference and its response to the speeches of a large number of the Republican presidential candidates provides a very good overview of the state of the campaign, and who is really in front.

Not surprising to me, Walker is considered the front runner, with Cruz and Paul in the second tier (best indicated by how often both were attacked by the other candidates).



  • D.K. Williams

    Thus far, Walker appears to be a regional candidate who got out-organized in Iowa by a political newbie. Dr. Carson has also drawn the largest crowds thus far at political events in South Carolina, according to reporters covering the campaign. In fairness to Gov. Walker, he has a state to run, which limits his time on the stump. With regard to the author’s comment that Fiorina probably has the highest IQ; this is highly speculative, particularly in light of her unsuccessful stint at HP. Meg Whitman seems to be doing a better job, in my opinion. If I were to “speculate” on this topic, I would guess that Carson, Cruz and Jindal would top the field in no particular order. Regardless, the strongest ticket for the GOP, in my opinion, would be Rubio and Kasich, because Florida and Ohio must be carried to give the Republicans the best chance of winning. The latter would not be my first choice, other things being equal, but life isn’t fair, and Ohio is an extremely important state if Hillary is to be stopped.

  • D.K. Williams

    My previous comment regarding Messers Carson, Cruz, and Rubio referred to IQ, not number of delegates accumulated.

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