The suicide of the GOP establishment

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Time and time again, grassroots and movement conservatives have expressed their opposition to all five of the key planks in Rubio’s platform. These Republicans do not support the Gang of Eight bill. They do not support Obama’s trade deals. They do not want to spend huge amounts of blood and treasure again in the Middle East. And they most certainly do not want the economy to look like it did in the fall of 2008.

These voters have tried, through every means available, to make their opposition felt. They are the reason that Eric Cantor is no longer in the House. They are the reason that the Gang of Eight bill didn’t pass. They are the reason that John Boehner is no longer speaker. And they are the reason that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have dominated the polls for months.

Many people have urged the Rubio donor network, think-tank fellows and media supporters to back off on their policy demands — to do more than simply acknowledge “the voters are right to be angry.” In fact, Gov. Chris Christie advocated for compromise during a speech at St. Anselm’s College earlier this year. People such as former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan wrote recently that the GOP must be more sensitive to the concerns of working-class voters, whom she dubbed the “unprotected.”

Nevertheless, even today, the Rubio supporters refuse to budge.

The Rubio supporters are also the same people in the GOP who tried to push Jeb Bush on us. The real tragedy is that if they had thrown their support to Ted Cruz, they might have been able to quell Donald Trump’s dominance in the polls. Instead, they have refused to face the reality that the general public does not support they policies, and have run like lemmings to the cliff by splitting the conservatives between Cruz and Rubio.

The result: The Republican Party stands a very good chance right now of nominating as its Presidential candidate someone who is as liberal as Bill Clinton and as reliable in what he says. Worse, polls continue to show him losing to the worst Democratic candidates offered in decades.



  • wayne

    Totally agree.

  • Jwing

    The left gives us another Clinton and the right gives us another Bush-like establishment RINO in Rubio. Trump entered this race on his own terms with his own money. Seems to me that Trump is the only viable choice that breaks up the monopoly of the inside-the-beltway machine. Sadly, Cruz does not stand a chance against Hillary; he’s no Reagan even though I fully agree with his constitutional conservativism. As a conservative, I will hold my nose and back Trump as I refuse to have to vote for another candidate pre-selected for me such as a Dole, McCain or Romney.

  • Steve Earle

    If the RNC and their donors want to know how Trump happened they only have to look in the mirror.

    By poo-pooing the rank and file that wanted something finally done about the open border, NO amnesty, and the existing laws enforced, they guaranteed that whoever got up and said “I’ll build a fence” would be instantly popular.

    We elected them and they brushed us off. All they wanted to do was pander to the businesses that benefit from a slave-labor class. Couple that with the FEAR of being called racist and you have todays RNC.

    Rubio is the poster-child for saying one thing to get elected, then doing another with the Gang of Eight once he got in. Then he wonders why he’s not trusted….

  • Cotour

    “Caveat One: The general election won’t be held today. In fact, national polling at this stage is at best only a general guideline even in the primary contests, most useful for psychological impact on voters’ perspective on rational choices in the remaining primaries. ”

    “Caveat Two: This poll uses a sample of 920 registered voters, not likely voters — so we’re not even sure they’re voting in primaries, let alone the general election.”

    “Caveat Three: Take a look at the responses on the issue questions in this poll. Trump leads most of them, and he leads the other Republican candidates on all of them. ”

    The actual election is a ways away, lets all see how it lays out in the coming months. To me the most prominent thing that is going to change the entire calculation is the actual indictment or the leaked report on Hillary and her underlings and the very real potential that the head of the FBI will resign because of their recommendation being disregarded.

    An interesting event would be if the remaining candidates were at some point come together at once behind one particular candidate and remove all control from the party leadership.

    In addition, I have stated before my concerns before about our electronic election / voting / counting system, it IMO is where our entire country is at risk to be taken over by those who own and control such systems.

    Why is it allowed that our votes are counted overseas? (let me know if you need an answer to that question)

    The leadership of both party’s have built this and they will be the ones (along with the rest of the country) who will suffer for their failings, this is the political cycle critical mass, this is change

  • Wodun

    “The result: The Republican Party stands a very good chance right now of nominating as its Presidential candidate someone who is as liberal as Bill Clinton and as reliable in what he says.”

    I think his supporters know this. I could be wrong, but I don’t think they are political idealists. Trump is like an establishment candidate from either party. That he has so much support shows that many establishment policies are acceptable. He isn’t running to reform the system but to run it better than the current establishment.

    A large part of his appeal is that the current establishment screwed people over. If he is elected and does the same thing, the backlash from his supporters could be huge. Maybe Trump thinks he can easily replace those voters or maybe he intends to keep them happy. Who knows?

    Trump can win the general. I don’t want him to be the nominee though.

  • Cotour

    “He isn’t running to reform the system but to run it better than the current establishment.”

    That may be in the end how Trump sees this entire challenge, a mismanagement and negotiation problem, but in the end while hopefully on a long journey more to the right it is a beginning. The alternative is 4 to 8 years of Hillary (if indeed she makes it to the end) and more leftist agenda and the continued surrender of American sovereignty and our Constitution.

    Choose one.

  • Mitch S.

    The Rubio backers will never back Cruz.
    The reason Trump so freaks the wealthy establishment is he says he’ll end special tax breaks for hedge funds and others and he threatens to block the flow of cheap labor.
    Cruz has similar positions.
    Should Cruz somehow become the nominee, the party money will dry up and he’ll be left hanging.
    Trump can provide his own funding.
    Either case watch Wall St back Hillary – she’s the safe candidate for them.

  • wayne

    Yo, do some research on the Republican Convention, “rule 40-B” [something like that]
    It covers how Delegates are actually allocated & it expires (by design) the day before the Convention. At which point it goes to the Rule Committee– that’s where the back-room deals go down.

  • Cotour

    “The Rubio backers will never back Cruz.”

    I think a more accurate statement would likely be that Cruz backer are less likely to want to back Rubio.

    (never say never)

    But in the end they will all tend back whomever is the candidate.

  • wayne

    Cotour wrote: “I think a more accurate statement would likely be that Cruz backer are less likely to want to back Rubio.”
    –I can’t speak for all Cruz supporters, but yeah, (personally) Rubio is to me, what Jeb is to you. (And the Bush Family always hated Reagan & started undoing his policies immediately.)
    –Totally sick of having to vote for a rino, just to be against the democrat. Mentioned elsewhere, I’ll go with the Libertarian if I can’t vote for Cruz in the General.)
    (For me, this is less about being on any “winning team,” than it is about picking the Right-person.)
    Steve wrote: “We elected them and they brushed us off.”
    -Exactly, and one too many times to boot.
    My Primary is next week, will gladly pull the lever for Ted.


  • Cotour

    Scenario 1. Your perfect conservative candidate runs for president, you vote for him and he wins. The country is saved from spiraling into a socialist / leftist big brother style state, taxes are lowered and the federal government begins to shed the overburden of dead wood overhead as agencies are de-funded, the IRS is eliminated after the Sixteenth amendment is repealed, and there is new pride in the military as the U.S. regains its strength and pride. Jesus materializes in the well of the Senate during the first state of the union address to congratulate the new president on his progress.

    Scenario 2. After years of planning, scheming, and positioning politically connected individuals in your party along with “civilian” individuals from the two party’s begin the trial by political fire that is the presidential race. Money, money, money, money. They yell, scream, kick, curse at, black mail, Money, money, money, money, lie, bite and scratch each other (they would shoot at each other if they could), some worse than others, and over time the field gets down to the 4 or 5 survivors. Money, money, money, money. You eventually vote for who manages to survive who is in your party, its not perfect but the country continues to function and you move into the future, dark as it may be.

    Scenario 3. The 2 political sides are diametrically opposed, one side is established to be rabidly leftist and endeavors to further empower our country’s enemy’s, increase taxes in order to redistribute the hard earned wealth of the middle class, they are further willing to disassemble the Constitution because they believe it a document written by a bunch of racist white slave owners and it no longer has meaning (hey wait a minute, all these candidates are lily white, they have no candidates of color at all…….HMMMM. Talk about slave owners and their slaves) The left arranges with the appropriate authorities to send an invitation to Lucifer himself to keep his calendar open, if they should win, to the first state of the union address under the next leftist administration.

    If they are allowed to win the country will be pushed much, much further down the leftist “progressive” road after 8 years of Marxist leadership from the last election. You vote for their candidate or refuse to vote at all to accelerate the demise of the country as we know it with the intent of reestablishing the REAL constitution and build the new country in its proscribed manner.

    Choose one.

  • Cotour

    Speaking of the suicide of the GOP, what is this knuckle head going to say? And why is he thinking that he is the one to say it?

    This will begin the destruction of the GOP, just like when Bernie is toasted and roasted and discarded by the the Democrats will drive their own version of suicide, there are going to be lots of unhappy Americans milling around in the streets, what will they do?

  • wayne

    Interesting narrative. Understand exactly from where you are coming, but…can’t get on board with any of those scenario’s.
    -I would put forth; We already live in Ameritopia. It’s a soft-tyranny & getting harder by the month.
    It took 100 years to get dragged to this point. If we are extremely (very, very) lucky– one Generation to get back onto the correct path. Probably require multiple generations & we just may very well totally-crash in the interim. (I think we already jumped off the cliff, it’s just a matter of how far we fall, before we hit bottom.)

    Not looking for Mr. Perfect, looking for “Mr. Right.”
    If Cruz is still in, for my Primary, he gets my vote. I can not buy into Trump for the General. (initially receptive to his message, but… “no.”)
    Just can’t settle for choosing between two bad choices anymore (any Democrat Vs. a Trump)
    [Progressive Vs. Progressive]
    Libertarian gets my vote, if Cruz isn’t the Republican Presidential Nominee.
    Rinse Prius, Mitch, Ryan, and the whole Cadre of Crony Rino’s– they committed suicide and we are all going to suffer.

    Yow– Romney! Go away dude! Nobody wants to hear you, you couldn’t beat a Marxist! (My once-favorite Cable News Channel, is totally un-watchable anymore. But, gives me more time to study Science.)

    Hopefully awaiting the SpaceX launch on Friday!

    [I am not a Robot & I approve my message!]

  • wayne

    Is Carson in or out? Any definitive news on him?

  • Edward

    Scenario 1. Your perfect conservative candidate runs for president …

    While waiting for that “perfect” conservative candidate, instead of electing the good-enough candidate, the tyrants take over the country.

    Scenario 2. After years of planning, scheming, and positioning …

    While planning, scheming, and positioning, conservatives vote for liberal Democrats because “they are the only ones who can get elected,” and the tyrants take over the country.

    Scenario 3. The two political sides are diametrically opposed, one side is established to be rabidly leftist and endeavors to further empower our country’s enemy’s …

    And the tyrants take over the country while the conservatives fail to act but instead elect the “electable” liberal progressive Democrats who run on the Republican ticket.

    How about a scenario in which tyranny does not overtake the country, or do you see liberty dying along with the GOP’s suicide?

  • Cotour

    Thinking further about it, all boiled down if the leadership of both party’s denies the people their choices (and that looks like exactly what they intend to do) and high jacks the conventions to brute force install their preferred puppets, in desperation to ensure chaos, revolt, and real change the move may for the pissed off people on both sides to come together to vote for Bernie or better yet to vote for the libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. (as insane as that may seem, but Im going to begin to seriously think about it)

    There is treachery and revolution in the air, thinking different and outside of the conventional box may be the only solution for the actual people who own this damn country. (now Im sounding crazy)

  • wayne

    Edward– excellent post!
    Cotour– Voting Libertarian isn’t crazy, especially at the Local & State Level. -They need the votes to stay eligible for the ballot & more of them win than you might think. In my State, Libertarians are strong performers for obscure positions, such as the Board of Regents for the various State University’s. Every office counts– if the Republican is a Progressive, think about the Libertarian.
    That being said, I reluctantly voted for Bush over Gore. I held my nose for McCain, & then was forced into Romney. No more….
    I haven’t had a chance to vote for a real Conservative in the General, since 1980, and I’m going to vote Cruz in my Primary.
    –How about a Scenario where we once again back the true Conservative, and sweep the Country?
    I think the GOP is going the way of the Whig Party, they have blown their brand & ignored their base, one too many times for me.
    –There is zero easy-fix for the mess we are in. It’s going to take a long time to fix it. The left never ever quits, we have to be as determined.

  • Steve Earle

    The Elite from both camps have continually underestimated the anger in their parties. That anger has manifested itself in Bernie to the left and Trump on the right (even though Trump himself may not be all that “right”)

    Both sides have one thing in common: they are angry at Government/Corporate Corruption and Cronyism.

    They differ on what they think the cure is. The Left thinks a Bigger Government will somehow end the Corporate Influence/Corruption. And the Right thinks that a Smaller Government will end the Government Corruption.

    In the end both sides are in for a rude awakening. The game is rigged, and Gov/Corp has been allowed to get too big and too powerful for far too long. No matter who gets elected, they will also get corrupted (If they haven’t already been)

    I do hold out some small hope for Ted Cruz. He and Carson and Rand Paul seemed to me to be the only ones that had a chance of being Cotour’s Scenario 1. Cruz is the only one left with a chance, but only a small one.

    It looks like Trump will be Scenario 2. and Hillary Scenario 3. Maybe if Cruz wins a few more States, Trump will pick him for VP? Couple that with a newly enlightened Trump and maybe we’ll have Scenario 1.5 :-)

  • Cotour

    1. I think it is a reasonable and now fore gone conclusion that the leadership of both party’s will rig the entire system to get their puppets, Hillary for the Dems and who appears to be Rubio for the Repubs.

    2. I just heard that one of Hillary’s server tech people that set up her server has been given immunity. Could be a very disruptive event for the Dem game plan.

    3. Power is never freely surrendered, NEVER.

    4. Complex solutions are achievable given the application of consistent, focused simplicity applied over time, by someone with force of vision who can not be distracted from their goal.

    5. This entire cycle is very much uncertain and will be changing dramatically in the coming weeks and months, that you can take to the bank. What is going on now may be a prelude to a critical mass voting event for the American public.

  • Cotour

    What are you going to do if and when they take Trump and or Cruz out and install Rubio or Romney?

    Or what are Bernie supporters going to do when Hillary guts him, ceremoniously eats his heart and throws his dead body to the curb?

    These are the candidates of the masses.

    There must be a response, what will it be?

  • wayne

    Steve– good points.

    Trump however has very high negatives and has only received about 30% of the actual Primary votes so far. (and some of those were in open-primary States.)
    If you are able to vote Cruz in your Primary, I say do it, but ultimately it’s your choice.
    (Agree on Carson & Rand, solid Conservatives.)
    “Courage Boys!” We have a chance, even if its even money on Cruz.

    I heard Mr. Z on The Space Show, (from last fall I think) talking about Apollo-8, the astronauts thought they had a 50-50 chance of coming back alive. They accepted it, most of the Country accepted it as well, and they did it. That’s sorta what we have lost in the last 40 years, “conviction & determination.”

    If everyone who is even considering Cruz, votes for him, we win a landslide. And all we have to do is get up and vote for him.
    (“In your heart, you know he’s right!”)
    –Even when he wins, our current mess will continue & he will be blamed mercilessly.
    –The stock market will implode again, gas will be $4 again, the unemployment-rate will be 15% again (always has been…), oil will be $150 again. The Welfare Lobby will scream “poverty, homelessness, starvation,” again. We know this to be true, they always do.
    –7 years of practically zero interest rates & 19 Trillion in debt, will implode on us sooner rather than never.

    –Beautiful, crystal-clear, black sky, in my area tonight. I can still locate a few Constellations by memory.

    Can someone clue me into WHERE our (Milky Way Galaxy), Black Hole is located, in the sky? (I know we can’t see it, but what area is it in? )

  • wayne

    Cotour– if you notice, the Left always closes ranks, no matter what. They will support whomever the Democrat Party chooses, because they hate America more, than they disagree amongst themselves. (Their only difference, amongst themselves, is between fast, violent revolution, or slower revolution.)
    GOP is famous for their circular firing-squads. The Left is like The Terminator, they never stop, they never waver, it’s what they do, it’s who they are. The State is their Religion above all.
    That being said– Obama has emboldened the uber radical left and this could be a 1968 Chicago thing.
    But, again, they hate us more than they disagree amongst themselves.

  • Cotour

    Yes, I call the Dems the Borg, it more closely reflects their monolithic think nature (they are socialists you know).

    However, the Bernie true believers may just be like when the crew was able to bring Captain Piquard back from being assimilated. The Dem masses may stray and revolt. I know lots of Dems who will not ever vote for Hillary.

    There is going to have to be a reasonable protest strategy for the masses of the Dems and the Repubs, the Gary Johnson strategy may be a viable alternative. (I scratcheth my head on this one)

  • wayne

    “Love me some Star Trek!”
    (Wagon Train, to the Stars!) Dislike the overt lefty morality-play episodes, but all-in-all, my favorite– all variants, even the reboot.
    –How about The Outer Limits? (original episodes) or Time-Tunnel!
    Yes, the left is The Borg. They take over a State, assimilate it, then move on to the next target. (like robot-locusts From Space!)
    –We all know Gary Johnson will get maybe 5 millions popular votes and zero Electoral Votes. (If it’s a Trump race, he gets one more vote from me.)
    Why not go for The Conservative with the rock-solid record and take all 50 states? That’s backing a winner! “Courage Boys & Girls!”
    I’m in Michigan, our Primary is soon, — able to vote Cruz & will.
    Then we see what happens.

  • “Can someone clue me into WHERE our (Milky Way Galaxy), Black Hole is located, in the sky? (I know we can’t see it, but what area is it in? )”

    The Milky Way’s central supermassive black hole is called Sagittarius A* (pronounced A-Star), and is located in the constellation Sagittarius.

  • Steve Earle

    For Wayne From Wikipedia: ( I am also trying to re-learn the constellations, got a new telescope :-) )

    “…The centre of the Milky Way lies in the westernmost part of Sagittarius

    As seen from the northern hemisphere, the constellation’s brighter stars form an easily recognizable asterism known as ‘the Teapot’. The stars δ Sgr (Kaus Media), ε Sgr (Kaus Australis), ζ Sgr (Ascella), and φ Sgr form the body of the pot; λ Sgr (Kaus Borealis) is the point of the lid; γ2 Sgr (Alnasl) is the tip of the spout; and σ Sgr (Nunki) and τ Sgr the handle. These same stars originally formed the bow and arrow of Sagittarius.[1]

    Marking the bottom of the teapot’s “handle” (or the shoulder area of the archer, are the bright star (2.59 magnitude) Zeta Sagittarii (ζ Sgr), named Ascella, and the fainter Tau Sagittarii (τ Sgr).

    To complete the teapot metaphor, under good conditions, a particularly dense area of the Milky Way can be seen rising in a north-westerly arc above the spout, like a puff of steam rising from a boiling kettle.[2]…”

  • Steve Earle

    Wayne, I was able to vote for Cruz here in Massachusetts, he received just under 10 percent, bested by Trump, Kasich and Rubio…. :-( But I was buoyed by him winning 3 states and becoming the solid number 2 :-)

    Cotour, I agree with the comparison to the Borg. Another one I like is the ratchet metaphor. They have been moving the country to the left while in power, a notch or two every few years as they are able. And like a ratchet, the Right has been unable to move it back, at best they can stop the wheel briefly. Then the left takes over again and Click, Click, Click!

    Until the Right can figure out how to move the wheel back, the left will continue it’s Borg-like relentless march to a Brave New World…..

    And Two more interesting factoids about Sagittarius:

    “…The space probe New Horizons is moving on a trajectory out of the Solar System as of 2016 that places the probe in front of Sagittarius as seen from the Earth.[22] New Horizons will exhaust its radioisotope thermoelectric generator long before it reaches any other stars.

    The Wow! signal was a strong narrowband radio signal that appeared to have come from the direction of Sagittarius…”

  • Wayne

    Steve, My Man!
    I can locate the Big Dipper, Little Dipper, and the belt of Orion, fairly easily. (Credit to the Boy Scouts, 45 years ago.)
    –What model telescope do you have? (My dad had a 12″ reflector, that was a monster to transport!) My local Astronomy Club is a 17 mile trip to the boonies from where I live. (But, they have heat & electric!)
    -Spent the last 6 months re-reading 30 years of Sky & Telescope, before I brought them all to my Library. Definitely a hasty decision!

  • wayne

    Thanks for supporting Cruz in Mass.
    Sagittarius– how many light-years from Earth?

  • Steve Earle

    Wayne, I got a nice Orion StarBlast 4.5 Equatorial Reflector for Christmas. My first EQ mount so I am still fiddling with it. I end up using my big astronomy binoculars most of the time when I am lazy… LOL

    A couple of years ago I got a Celestron SkyScout that was a blast to use. I am hoping they come up with a set of smart binoculars that have the Skyscout type of function built-in.

    I also learned about Orion and Ursa Major and Minor in Boy Scouts. :-) It’s been a disappointment to me to see them cave to political correctness….

    Back on topic, apparently Romney has been assimilated fully into the collective. If you watched his speech you could almost hear him say “Resistance is Futile, You will serve us or be destroyed” ;-)

    I would say that the GOP (or should I say the RNC?) is indeed about to commit Hari-Kari. I wonder if they will go full-tilt and try and run Romney third-party?

  • Edward

    Wayne wrote: “7 years of practically zero interest rates…”

    The Federal Reserve had long considered 1% interest rates to be the panic rate. If they were to take it below 1% and things did not improve, then they would have nowhere to go — and that is exactly what happened, these past seven years. After going to 0%, and without anything else to do, they started to print money at a rate of about $1 trillion per year. Even during the Great Depression of the 1930s, the FED didn’t print money and their interest rate never fell below 1%.

    Because the FED was unable to restore the economy with the actions that it could take, it suggests to me that the current “recession” that we are in is actually a depression, it is just that the long lines at soup kitchens are now hidden behind EBT cards.

    As FDR’s Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau said in the late 1930s: “I say after eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started. … And an enormous debt to boot!” With the GOP’s help, or at least their lack of resistance (it would not have been as futile as they may think), we have repeated this same debacle that happened during the Great Depression.

  • wayne

    Steve My Man!
    Enjoy your new optics! I kept 3 years of Sky & Telescope, from the mid-1960’s, all loaded with excellent, practical Astronomy stuff, and gives amazing historical-perspective.

    Disappointment to me as well, to see the BSA cave to political correctness.

    -My Dad was a major Astronomy geek, always enjoyed it myself but got totally wrapped up in my own career, but now semi-retired. Have a grand-daughter who shows a definite interest, and time on my hands, so, back in. Cosmology & Astro-Physics are my favorite but it’s all related. Was always a “big-picture” guy, but now I want the pesky-details.

    Cotour– Here I was “working” on you, and now… I just might (“might” be open to your camp— absolutely positively support Cruz right now. BUT, If the RNC/GOP pulls some crazy stuff at the Convention and does not address Trump supporters, or otherwise pulls some crazy stuff ala Romney, Ryan or whomever, I could be persuaded (maybe, possible, could-be) go Trump, but only if it gets really (really) weird & only under specific circumstances.
    Trump does scare me, no ifs ands or buts. (3rd party Trump run, really scares me.)
    I’m having less and less faith that Hillary/Bernie will get taken down, and he/she are really, really scary.
    –Still stand behind my previous logic, and fully believe it, but I will acknowledge there are specific special circumstances where I could be re-evaluate my vote.
    I do want the Primary’s to play out, I do support Cruz. It’s not over until it’s over,(Primary’s) then we address any Convention craziness, then I make a choice for the General.
    –Is that crazy of me or what!?!

  • wayne

    Edward My Man!
    –absolutely agree with everything you wrote. Especially the Henry Morgenthau quote.
    FDR and his comrades prolonged & extended the Great Depression. And permanently lurched us to the Left…
    Do you remember the “panic of 1920?” That’s rhetorical ‘cuz nobody does. Coolidge slashed spending and kept the Federal government out of it, and the economy recovered & took off , within a year-14 months, into the Roaring-20’s.
    The period 1920-1941 is a favorite of mine. Very familiar with the writing’s of Hayek & Mises, and all the history of the Federal Reserve, Income Tax, the whole bit….
    Fascinated as well, with the Economy of WW-2 and the post-war BOOM.

    Oh yeah— the “safety-net” stuff has masked our current situation. Unemployment is more like 15%, and inflation is more like 10%. (They don’t count food, they do count flat-screen TV’s) Labor participation rate is the lowest in like 30-40 years.
    Not to mention– our money is worthless, a total stealth tax on everyone.

    All you guys are well informed, civil, & you like science. “Priceless!!”

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