Behind The Black Postings By Robert Zimmerman

Does this make you feel safer? The TSA spent almost a billion dollars hiring behavior detection officers who then detected zero terrorists.

  1. Jwing says:

    When are we going to wake up? In the name of our safety and security, we are being fleeced, conned and extorted. We have traded our liberty for the charade called Homeland Security, the TSA and NSA. We have freely allowed our being x-rayed, groped, tracked with GPS, filmed at every intersection and public venue all in the name of protecting us.

    If we question this, we are immediately under suspicion and the IRS targets us for expressing our first amendment rights. We willingly continue to comply as they add drones, blimps and secret FISA eves-dropping warrants.

    All of this change in the last five years under Obama. Wow!

    What’s next? Will we willingly believe that railroad box cars are actually the safest and most environmentally friendly form of mass transit?

  2. For a billion dollars we could probably hire the entire Israeli airport security apparatus and be much safer than we are now. I’m all for ditching TSA and hiring Israel for the job. They are very good at it.

    • joe says:

      And the Israeli’s surely would not embarrass themselves like the TSA always do!

  3. Kent Sogge says:

    The terrorists have won as seen by the nonsense we go through to travel on plane.

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