Behind The Black Postings By Robert Zimmerman

Good enough for government: The Washington state Obamacare website is down, but it still has been able to mistakenly take money from people’s bank accounts.

  1. Cotour says:

    The disturbing explanation as to why all of this confusion and illogic prevails?

  2. Edward says:

    A computer is a thief? That is surprising.

    And it is the Obamacare site? No longer surprised.

    The irony is that those who are signing up are the ones desperate for subsidies because they cannot afford the affordable healthcare (not the ironic part), and *they* are the ones being robbed, rather than helped, by the government (there is the irony).

    “We’re from the government, and we’re here to help” hasn’t become any more true now than when that phrase was first uttered. The government really isn’t here to help, except in helping itself to our hard earned (or government dole) money.

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