“There’s no compassion in the Affordable Care Act.”

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“There’s no compassion in the Affordable Care Act.”

From a pastor who has discovered at the last moment that the insurance under Obamacare did not cover his life-saving chemo treatments, putting him $50,000 in debt.

But since we know that this pastor is lying, according to Harry Reid, he must be ignored.

And then there’s this liar: Obamacare leaves Las Vegas man owing $407,000 in doctor bills.

What is Harry Reid going to do with all these liars hanging around making up stories about Obamacare?



  • Someone made this point a few weeks ago on twitter, government can’t love. Its one of the few relationships in our lives be it our families, our coworks, our neighbors. We can care about these people. Government isn’t about caring though many of these ideas come from a plays of caring but when you put a set rule and place and a system that rewards following the rules no matter how insane that is and punishes those that exercise judgment and common sense. You have a a system where people are left to die of dehydration as all often happens in the UK. Or will happily give you painkillers but won’t treat the illness.

    Its a very sad state of things and now that its in place here in the US I doubt it will ever go away

  • John M. Egan

    This evil, and I call it evil because look at these examples of pain it causes these people, plan must be ENTIRELY repealed. America deserves much better. The Republican leadership should act now instead of sitting on their hands.

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