Tinkering with the atmosphere to prevent climate change gains ground in Cancun

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What could possibly go wrong? The environmental global warming activists at the Cancun climate summit appear increasingly eager to encourage governments to tinker with the atmosphere to prevent climate change. The most frightening quote:

Funding may not be far off.

In September, the U.S. Government Accountability Office recommended in a 70-page report that the White House “establish a clear strategy for geoengineering research” within its science office. A month later, a report from U.S. Rep. Bart Gordon, a Democrat from Georgia who chairs the House Science and Technology Committee, urged the government to consider climate-engineering research “as soon as possible in order to ensure scientific preparedness for future climate events.”

The U.S. panel had collaborated in its study with a British House of Commons committee. “We may need geoengineering as a `Plan B,'” the British report said, if nations fail to forge agreement on a binding treaty to rein in greenhouse gases.

Perhaps most significantly, the U.N.-sponsored Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, the global authority on climate science, agreed in October to take on geoengineering in its next assessment report. Its hundreds of scientists will begin with a session next spring.



  • I don’t understand.. are you a Luddite or something? What do you have against studying planetary environments and learning how to control them?

  • Ben Cohen

    Hello Robert, I’m new to your website, and to you and your work. Is there anyway to chat with you, (briefly, at your convenience of course). I’m working on a film story and I would greatly appreciate your input. Thank you, best regards
    Ben Cohen

  • 33noa333

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  • We used to do mega-engineering like this in Australia.. we had plans to do much more. Ironically, it was the more socialist of our two political parties that cancelled all the large public works projects. Every decade or so we see a renewed interest in technology investment, such as nuclear power (we have some of the biggest uranium deposits in the world and we don’t have a single power generating nuclear station) but the twinkle seems to die before the next election.

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