TMT leadership looks at alternatives to Hawaii

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Though they have refused to comment publicly, the Facebook page for the Thirty Meter Telescope on Monday showed the telescope’s management visiting the Canary Islands, a potential alternative site to Hawaii.

Their Facebook post serves two purposes. It shows that they mean business when they say they must start considering abandoning Hawaii. It also might force the Hawaiian state government to stop dragging its feet in the permitting process that protesters have forced TMT to go through, a second time.



  • wodun

    I had an argument with a guy who supports the protesters and he had a conflicting position that the protesters were right but also that the telescope organizers should not choose another location. Its like he wanted all of the goodies that were extorted, the telescope not to be built, and didn’t want them to choose another site making those goodies disappear.

    It is a little strange to see people advocating that the telescope not be built and being upset that they might choose another location. Isn’t pushing the telescope out the intended purpose of the activists?

  • Orion314

    Sheeple on welfare have no use for science or telescopes.. this myth that all men are equal serves no one well…Free men are not equal, Equal men are not free….

  • Wayne

    wodun & Orion314:

    Good points/observations.

    From where do these people think, our modern-world comes? (“basic research.”)
    It’s a telescope after all, it’s pretty darn benign in the grand scheme.

    Using their lingo; it’s the ultimate in “green, non-polluting technology.”

    Hawaii is sorta like San Francisco, technically part of the United States, but not quite in spirit, with the rest of us.
    (with apologies to the normal people in Hawaii & California, >you know who you are. It’s always the small minority of malcontents who spoil it for the rest of us.)

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