TMT legal case in Hawaii gets messier

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The permit process in Hawaii for the Thirty Meter Telescope has gotten far messier, with the telescope’s opponents appealing to the state’s Supreme Court, complaining about witness procedures and the lawyers who are working for the state, while the land board running the procedures has asked the court to dismiss this appeal.

Essentially, the opponents are using every trick in the book to delay the permit process, and it appears that the law in Hawaii, including one just passed in August, is designed to aid them in this tactic.

TMT will not be built in Hawaii.The consortium that is building it needs a decision by early next year at the latest. They ain’t gonna get it. The luddites going to win, and Hawaii will be far poorer because of it.



  • Edward

    These delay tactics are a direct response to the knowledge that the TMT has a drop dead date. Just as with the Iraq war, the bad guys learned the deadline date and are now waiting it out in order to eventually be victorious.

    Just as with the Iraq war, the astronomers may win the war, but they will lose the peace. (Bill Whittle: “Bill Whittle: Losing the Peace in Iraq” 6-minutes)

    Doesn’t this sound like what happened in Hawaii, after the TMT had approval by Hawaii for construction? Now that the war — the approval process — is over, they have lost their approval due to action by their enemy.

    The astronomers won the war, but they have plans to decommission other Mauna Kea telescopes. The slaughter has begun. The peace will soon be lost.

  • LocalFluff

    The only rational purpose of this sabotage must be to extort monies. They don’t care about the mountaintop or any primitive religion or the TMT. Maybe astronomers are to naive to understand that they need to pay some cash bribes under the table to the parasitic kleptocrats who use some fooled primitives in their propaganda for their extortion purposes?

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