True the Vote sues Mississippi over voter fraud in Republican primary

True the Vote, the organization harassed by the IRS and the Obama administration for investigating fraud at the polls, has sued the Mississippi Secretary of State over alleged voter fraud in last week’s Republican primary.

Though I found some of Cochran’s campaign efforts quite disgusting, I was not offended that blacks came out to vote for him. As long as their vote is legal, that is their right. However, the allegations of fraud that have been swirling around this election suggest that maybe a closer look is warranted.


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  • wodun

    I am offended that Democrats crossed party lines to influence a Republican primary, just as I was offended when Rush championed the go nowhere operation Chaos to influence a Democrat primary. I was also offended that the establishment Republican stooped to baseless racist attacks in order to get Democrats to vote for him. What I am not offened by is the skin color of the Democrats who crossed party lines. Their race is not an issue nor did it predetermine Republican’s or Democrat’s actions during the primary.

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