Trump softens tone on gun restrictions

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In a television interview today Donald Trump softened his position on the use of terrorist watch lists to deny Americans their second amendment rights under the Bill of Rights, aligning his position more closely to that of the National Rifle Association which endorsed him.

This whole kerfuffle illustrates once again the importance of surrounding Trump with trustworthy conservatives who can influence him. Trump is not trustworthy, but he will bend to the will of those who advise him, and he has made it clear that he wants the NRA’s advice.

Thus, it is crucially important to elect a lot of conservative Republicans this November. Such people in Congress, and only such people, can prevent the worst abuses coming from what will likely be a generally confused Trump administration, or a decidedly leftist Clinton one.

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  • Brian

    One of the things you have to keep in mind about Trump and guns, is that he personally has a gun carry premit.

  • pzatchok

    The one thing all these lefty politicians forget about is that when a person is denied the right to buy a gun it MUST be proven in court.

    The ATF, FBI, HLS, and or the state authorities will NEVER NEVER NEVER deny a person they have under investigation. EVER!!

    They would have to expose their investigation in court inside 30 days.
    All evidence and informants along with all thier ways of surveillance.

    But nice safe US citizens who are not tied to terrorist groups could and eventually will be denied their right.
    All it will cost the alphabet agencies would be time. No big career making or breaking case to worry about.

    Adding the No Fly List to the mix will in no way stop a terrorist.
    The simple fact is that if I flash enough cash around the right people I can get anything I want right from the criminal elements in my city.

  • LocalFluff

    You cannot have gun if you have a parking ticket today, that is the position de facto of all idiot conservastiffs. But known islamics who travel to stone age Saudi and who openly wants all gays murdered “out of compassion”, they can arm i the US. Why so you want to be murdered by the jihadists?

    I say, close all moskes, jail all imams, illegalize all spoken and written arabic language! Islam is sh!+. Those who call sh!+ “a religion”, insult all religions. We should help arabs understand that it is islam which has totally destroyed all of their societies, even now in a time of record freedom, peace and wealth everywhere in the world where no muslims live. Who here cannot connect the obvious dots and prefers to live like their slave? In Saudi the Koran and Sharia is the only constitution for their stone age tyrant.

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